Kukmirn was first mentioned in a document from 1185. This document describes the borders of the monastic property of Güssing to Medusbach (Dobersdorf) and to Witin (Fedenberg – a field-name nowadays).

The origin of the name Kukmirn is still uncertain. Explanations range from wild-growing cucumber “cucurbita” to Hungarian noblemen (blue duke) or to traces of Celtic culture in our region.

At any rate Kukmirn is a unique name for a village in all of Austria and neighboring countries.

The other parts of the municipality are of later historic origin.

Limbach Limbach is first mentioned in 1346, Neusiedl is first men-tioned in 1455 in a deed of King Ladislaus V. to Andreas Paumkircher (Squire in Schlaining).

Eisenhüttl dates from the time of the Turkish Wars, when farmers of Croatian origin settled here. First evidence can be found in a land register of 1576.

In 1971 the four villages Eisenhüttl, Kukmirn, Limbach and Neusiedl bei Güssing merged in the municipality of Kukmirn. In 1982 market rights were conferred on the municipality of Kukmirn.


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