Village Council

The village council was elected on October 6th 2002 for a period of 5 years. The seats are divided among the political parties as follows:

13 ÖVP, 7 SPÖ, 1 FPÖ

Members of the Village Council and their respective departments:


  • Reinhold Franz Hoanzl, mayor
    responsible for rural roads, water supply and waste water, school/kindergarten
  • Werner Kemetter, 2. vice mayor
    responsible for village renewal, economic
  • Kroboth Edwin,
    member of the Municipal Executive Board
    responsible for tourism, housing and public welfare
  • Klanatsky Manfred,
    member of the Municipal Executive Board
    responsible for organizations and societies, sports, culture
  • Kern Reinhold,
    member of the Municipal Executive Board
    responsible for Fire Brigades/Civil Defense and Emergency Management
  • Scherner Wolfgang, Finance Accounting
  • Fandl Willibald
  • DI(FH) Freißmuth Rainer
  • Muik Bettina
  • Perl Markus
  • Sinkovits Werner
  • Vollmann Ronald
  • Zotter Michael


  • Franz Wagner, 1. vice mayor, responsible for regional roads
  • Braun Helmut, member of the Municipal Executive Board, responsible for environmental protection
  • Bösenhofer Margot
  • Kroboth Heinz
  • Mattes Dieter
  • Mayer Helmut
  • Lagler Ute

Independent Councillor

  • Dietmar Deutsch

Each village of our municipality has its own Village Manager for the mayor’s assistance. In Neusiedl this function is held by the 2. vice mayor.

Kukmirn: Kropf Franz
Limbach: Fandl Willibald
Eisenhüttl: Sinkovics Werner
Neusiedl: Kemetter Werner


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