Farm Shops

The farmers offer their agricultural products such as fruit juices, spirits, Uhudler
(a local wine), a large range of fruit, meat , bread spreads and home made bread.

Bauernspezialitäten Panner Herbert und Ingrid
7540 Neusiedl, Fedenberg 27
Tel. +43 3328/32404
A family business specialized in pork production. They offer a large range of top quality products – smoked meat, all kinds of sausages, spreads and a lot more. You can order plates of selected cold meat for any occasion or gift baskets with farm products.

Brotspezialitäten Pfeiffer Renate
7540 Neusiedl, Heutal 58
Tel: +43 3328/32399
Obstgut Hoanzl
Himbeerweg 5, 7543 Kukmirn
Tel:+43 3328/32397
The farm is nestling among the hills round the Apple Village Kukmirn and has been modified to meet the latest standard. The exclusive farm shop sells originally packed products, award winning spirits and liqueurs, fruit juices and jams. Due to sophisticated cooling techniques fresh fruit is for sale the year round. A special feature is the guided tasting of spirits in the “schnappsotheque”.

Obsthof Zotter
Schöngrund 7, 7543 Kukmirn
Tel: +43 3328/32027

The Zotter family has a long-standing tradition in fruit growing. The knowledge of fruit growing has been expanded and passed on for generations and the secrets of the distilling arts have been treasured.
Obsthof Zotter counts among the top 10 of Austrian distillers and many awards, e.g. “Spirit of the Year” prove the high quality of the products. A newly built warehouse with cold storage facilities allows for fresh apple the whole year round.
For more information:

Obstgarten Nikles
Apfelstraße 35. 7543 Kukmirn
Tel: +43 3328/32081

A family-run business with three generations’ experience as fruit growers. This tradition together with the young generation’s verve result in produce of utmost quality. You can buy naturally grown fresh fruit and high quality fruit products.
Pure pumpkin seed oil, honey from our own bees, various fruit juices and awarded spirits and liqueurs are available the whole year round.
The business focuses on producing fresh fruit such as juicy apples and pears, as well as sun-ripened strawberries, cherries and plums, according to season.

Obstbau Zinner Betriebs- und VerwaltungsgesmbH.
Apfelstraße 89, 7543 Kukmirn
Tel: +43 3328/32227
This fruit growing business is a supplier for wholesale traders.

Obstbau Illigasch
Berggasse 1, 7543 Kukmirn
Tel: +43 3328/32329
Apricots, peaches, plums and apples are grown naturally and being distilled for fine spirits and liqueurs. A further specialty are products made of honey from our own bee colonies.

Obstbau Lackner
Berggasse 11, 7543 Kukmirn
Tel: +43 3328/32768
A farm that specializes in growing cherries, apricots, peaches, plums and apples. The fruit is also offered as “refined” prod-ucts, e.g. “Kukmirner Apfelbrand” or Williamsbrand, spirits made of apples or pears, respectively.

Apfelhof Flieder
Apfelweg 11, 7543 Kukmirn
Tel: +43 3328/32164

A family-run business producing apples and juices, accommodations for “Farm Holidays”


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